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featherhawk Essential Soulutions TM
Birthright Soulution (TM)

You were born entitled to your wholeness and the full expression of your divine self. Give yourself permission to reclaim your right to be who you are, where you are, RIGHT NOW. Seven within the One: Balances and aligns the chakras.

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Amethyst Transform energy and integrate higher frequencies into the Whole of You. Keep unwanted energies at bay. Opens and activates the crown chakra, aiding meditation and inner work.
  • Catalpa Tree Flower Share yourself joyfully with individuals and in groups. Assists contact with the Angelic Realms. Find peace of mind and self-confidence, stabilizing emotions and reducing anxiety. An essence of resiliency, long-term commitment, and community.
  • Eagle Focus; helps you discern the next step when you see numerous possibilities yet feel unsure about where to begin. Like the Eagle sighting its prey and becoming totally focused, all distractions fall away and you KNOW the next step to take. Expand beyond the limitations of the physical plane and into the Whole of You, a place you may be unfamiliar with; trust the urge to unfold and embrace your wholeness. Eagle helps you hear your sound on the wind and identify your calling. For discovering your life path, one step at a time.
  • Heather You may feel lonely or dislike being alone and think talking about yourself and your problems with anyone who will listen will make you feel better. Learn to listen to your inner guidance and keep your own counsel and you'll learn to hear others better, as well.
  • Resurrection Brings the gift of Faith. An essence of great courage, Resurrection calls you back to life. Be willling to step off the edge of the precipice to new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and infinite possibilities.
  • Song of the Earth Use to clear and balance inharmonious sound on all levels, attuning you to the Earth and the many changes that are occurring daily. Put your sound out every day. This will serve you and repair the Earth's grid.

Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of all Essential Soulutions.

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Birthright Soulution * ES3
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