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featherhawk Essential Soulutions (TM)
Computer Soulution (TM)

Encourages your body and your energy field to resist and release computer radiation and its residue. Take when using your computer, cell phone, and other electronic devices. If you use a CRT monitor (not the new flat panel monitors), keep the bottle on your desk between yourself and the computer monitor. This is an essence you will want to have on hand all the time!

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Mustard When feelings of depression seem to drop in out of nowhere, for no reason, and envelope you completely, you may turn all of your negative thoughts in on yourself. Find insight and wisdom in the depths of the darkness, and reclaim your joy.
  • Trauma SoulutionTM Reduce and release physical and emotional trauma, and daily stress. Receive immediate support for major and minor upsets and crises including accidents and injuries, stage fright, and abuse. Transforms trauma in body, mind, and spirit, restoring centeredness, balance and calm. Effective whether the trauma has just occurred, happened recently, or was experienced long ago. In any emergency, it may be taken every five to ten minutes until you are calm.
  • Eagle Focus; helps you discern the next step when you see numerous possibilities yet feel unsure about where to begin. Like the Eagle sighting its prey and becoming totally focused, all distractions fall away and you KNOW the next step to take. Expand beyond the limitations of the physical plane and into the Whole of You, a place you may be unfamiliar with; trust the urge to unfold and embrace your wholeness. Eagle helps you hear your sound on the wind and identify your calling. For discovering your life path,one step at a time.
  • Attunement SoulutionTM Connect deeply with the Earth, recognizing her power... and yours. Realign your energy with the deepest frequencies of the Earth, acknowledging your willingness to be here now supporting our collective transformation and ascension.
  • Rhododendron Delicate strength. Dive deep within and acknowledge your personal strength in those moments when you believe you are too weak, too delicate or without personal power.
  • Vervain Let go of your rigid attachment and over-zealous enthusiasm for what you believe is right and open yourself to different points of view. Give yourself permission to unwind and relax, allowing your enthusiasm to be shared generously rather than forced on others.
  • Vitex Enables the body to better absorb and utilize minerals.

Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of all Essential Soulutions.

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Computer Soulution * ES17
1 oz. (30 ml) * $12.99
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