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featherhawk Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity

Journey to the Inner Self. Prepare to step through this doorway with clear intention and a loving heart, for that is the only energy allowed to enter.

Hear the teachings of the ancestors. For new beginnings when you have let go of burdens from the past and the future.

Sustains the silence required for deep inner work. Allow the journey to envelope you and share its truth.

The Doorway of the Amaru Meru (also spelled Arumu Maru and various other ways) is revered as a sacred place. It is considered an interdimensional doorway, a portal to higher consciousness, and a gateway of the Gods.
Made at the Doorway of the Amaru Meru in the Valley of the Spirits, near Lake Titicaca.

Doorway is one of the Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity. Click here to save 30% when you buy the entire set!
Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of the Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity, and here for the Peru Essences Guide which includes descriptions, quotations, and photos from Peru.


"In this sensation, this feeling, is held all the knowledge of the gifts that you were born with, the path that you have come to walk, the desire and will of your spirit, the piece of creator that you are, and your doorway to communicating with all that is."
~ Barbara Culbertson ~

"Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb."
~ Pythagorus ~
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