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featherhawk Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity
Golden Solar Disk

Motivation and Action; Self-Mastery. Inspires and motivates, renewing enthusiasm and prompting action in ordinary and extraordinary areas of your life.

Reconnects your Soul with your solar plexus (your center of personal power) and the planetary and universal Soular Plexus.

Reminds you of the inner qualities and sacred life tasks you forgot when you were born; find them in the secret temple within. In life, there is always a second chance.

According to legend, when the Spaniards invaded Peru the Incas removed the Golden Solar Disk from the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco and delivered it for safekeeping to a secret temple in the depths of Lake Titicaca.
Made in Puno, at Lake Titicaca.

Golden Solar Disk is one of the Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity. Click here to save 30% when you buy the entire set!
Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of the Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity, and here for the Peru Essences Guide which includes descriptions, quotations, and photos from Peru.


Consciousness is the light of the soul. Therefore, darkness will avoid it or dwell in the shadow of some external light. It takes great courage to be a light in the world and great faith to know that one ray of light may turn a darkened room into one that is safe to enter.
~ from The Keys of Jeshua, by Glenda Green ~

The student asks the Zen master: "What work will I do as I seek enlightenment?"
The master replies "Chop wood, carry water."
"And what work will I do once I achieve enlightenment?" asks the student.
"Chop wood, carry water" replies the master.
~ Zen proverb ~
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Golden Solar Disk * PE14
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