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featherhawk Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity
Healing Cross

Grounding and Integration. Draws universal light into your subtle energy field, moves it throughout your physical body to your heart center, then into the Earth and back to your heart in a continuous movement between the universe and Earth, grounding, integrating and refreshing these energies within and around you.

From your heart, the gathered energy radiates outward in unending spirals, restoring light and wholeness to the visible and invisible world around you.

The rock upon which the cross appears sings to you, restoring order to your cells through sound frequencies beyond your hearing.

As you become more grounded, your access to higher consciousness expands.

The healing cross in the Markawasi Stone Forest is considered an energy vortex and is known for its healing powers.
Made near Cachu Cachu Lake in the Markawasi Stone Forest.

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"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."
~ Anne Sexton ~
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