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featherhawk Research Essences (Tibetan Project Essences)

Encourages focus and clarity in preparation for a challenging journey or pilgrimage, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Prepare, plan, discern possible outcomes (good and bad), yet do the work with joyful expectation and anticipation of success. Know you will be supported at every step along the way by seen and unseen guides and guardians.

The political issues in the country of Tibet are a reflection of the takeover of the heart center of humanity around the world by fear and greed. For many of us, the journey is entirely within: recovering compassion, empathy and freedom from the grasp of materiality and the fear of lack and limitation. Both the inner and outer pilgrimage are supported by Journey essence.

Note: Because this is a research essence and my inquiry is ongoing, these are my notes from various sources. If you purchase this essence and want to contribute your thoughts and experiences, that would be greatly appreciated!

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