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featherhawk Research Essences (Mineral Kingdom)

Facilitates accelerated spiritual transformation aided by the growing awareness that "meaningless coincidences" are far from meaningless, bringing awareness and presence to your personal path.

A true interdimensional and intergalactic meeting and blending of "the heavens" with the Earthly plane, it generates cohesiveness and cooperation between individuals and groups, expanding your view of our immutable connection to the multiverse.

Moldavite is the result of a meteorite striking the Earth in Moldau, Czech Republic. The fiery meteorite from the heavens struck and melted sandstone and shale, resulting in the beautiful green glass-like stones.


Note: Because this is a research essence and my inquiry is ongoing, these are my notes from various sources. If you purchase this essence and want to share your thoughts and experiences with the featherhawk essence community, let me know!

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Moldavite * MN109
1/2 oz. (15 ml) * $8.95
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