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featherhawk Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity

The Value of Polarity. Opposites are present in all physical reality: Positive-Negative, Male-Female, Day-Night, Hot-Cold, Right-Wrong there are many more.

These can be perceived as unfriendly and antagonistic, or as two sides of the same coin - AND/ALSO rather than EITHER/OR. Remember, the universe is subjective and sees only what is, free of judgment. Embrace this innocent perception for yourself.

When you notice an opposite or shadow side, within yourself or reflected from a person or situation outside of you, observe your emotional response and see what the experience is there to teach you. Know it is a part of you striving to be heard and recognized, appreciated and healed.

Forgive yourself and others and ask for the truth to be revealed to you. Without compromising your integrity, embrace it all, use what works for you, and let go of what does not.

Feel the sense of peace that comes as you open to this "otherness". Allow its expression and make it uniquely your own.

In the Peruvian creation story, Pachacamac has two faces looking in opposite directions. He is called Cosmic Father, Earth-Maker, the Creator and 'He who animates the world'. He is the mythological God of fire and earthquakes.
Made at the Temple of Pachacamac (pat-cha-ka'-mac) by Marjorie Bowers.

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"The black squares on a checkerboard alternate with the white. Even so, every darkness in life alternates with light, every sorrow with a joy, every failure with a success. Change and contrast are inevitable, and are what make the great game possible. View them dispassionately, and never allow them to define who you are, inwardly."
~ Paramhansa Yogananda ~

"There is a philistine and an aesthete in all of us, and a murderer and a saint.
You don't reconcile the poles. You just recognize them."
~ Orson Welles ~
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