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Spirit of Mount Kailash

Life is a pilgrimage --- a journey with a beginning, a middle and an end. Regardless of how long one's life lasts, no one escapes any step along the way.

As often as you can, recall your attention from the mundane, the busy-ness, the scattered and disconnected experiences of your day and recognize the holiness of your presence on Earth with reverence for all life. Choose each step with care and awareness, consciously contemplating the path you're walking. Supports meditation and mindfulness, and the deepening of your inner life.

Mt. Kailash, which translates as "crystal mountain," is considered the most sacred mountain in Tibet, revered by the Tibetan people. A walking pilgrimage (called a Kora) around Mt Kailash takes about two weeks. It can also take several months if you prostrate yourself on the path (literally laying down with your entire body and forehead touching and honoring the earth, then moving one body length forward and prostrating yourself again, and so on around the base of the mountain). Because it is considered sacred, no one climbs on the mountain itself.

Kailash rhymes with "eyelash".

"You don't have to go to the mountaintop and study for ninety years. You don't have to go to the ashram and chant your brains out. You must be a good, capable, responsible, thoroughgoing human being, and that's how you walk the sacred path. It's not about sweat baths; it's not about drums. It's about doing the hard work of living every single day in a responsible, caring way."
- Paula Gunn Allen, author of The Sacred Hoop

Note: Because this is a research essence and my inquiry is ongoing, these are my notes from various sources. If you purchase this essence and want to contribute your thoughts and experiences, that would be greatly appreciated!

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