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featherhawk Essential Soulutions TM
Woman's Wisdom Soulution (TM)

Support for the change of life. Embrace and move through each stage with joy and acceptance of yourself and your inner wisdom and creativity. Honor the normal, natural process of change in your body. May help relieve hot flashes.

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Full Moon   Integrates information and experience. Helps you gather up loose ends, come to closure and move on. Excellent catalyst and booster for other essences and vibrational remedies.
  • Song of the Earth   Use to clear and balance inharmonious sound on all levels, attuning you to the Earth and the many changes that are occurring daily. Put your sound out every day. This will serve you and repair the Earth's grid.
  • Catalpa Tree Flower   Share yourself joyfully with individuals and in groups. Assists contact with the Angelic Realms. Find peace of mind and self-confidence, stabilizing emotions and reducing anxiety. An essence of resiliency, long-term commitment, and community.
  • Starling   Put your sound out; honor yourself as an individual within the context of group dynamics. Keep your sound moving: talk, sing, laugh, cry, scream, hum. Be considerate of others, and make your joyful noise!
  • Hibiscus   For the outward expression of feminine or yin energies ­ creativity, sexuality, and fertility ­ for both men and women. Aids the development of intuition. The feminine within each of us, male and female, has been dishonored. Hibiscus restores the purity of the feminine/yin frequency, allowing the healthy expression of intuition, sexuality, and innate creativity. Give yourself the opportunity to truly honor these aspects in yourself and others.
  • Chrysocolla   Clears armoring around the heart center, encourages giving and receiving love and the nurturing of consciousness. Recognize and express your feelings without attachment to the outcome. Take when focusing on the breath to aid oxygenation of the cells and increase spiritual understanding.
  • Spring Equinox   Rebirth, renewal, and recommitment.

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Woman's Wisdom Soulution * ES16
1 oz. (30 ml) * $12.99

  "The Woman's Wisdom has been very helpful to me in controlling hot flashes. I notice a significant difference if I miss using it for a few days!"

MN, Ohio USA

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