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featherhawk Essences for Animals
Animal Emergency Soulution (TM)

This blend supports your animal friends in any crisis or emergency, and helps with daily stress. Also excellent for fear, anxiety, panic, constant crying or pacing, and insecurity. Safe for all animals and birds including domestic animals and wild animals. It is also appropriate for human animals ;-).

In an emergency, give 2 to 4 drops every five minutes until calm (usually within 15 to 20 minutes). If you are very stressed, too, take a few drops yourself. And don't worry about counting drops - a squirt every five minutes works just fine. If you cannot administer the drops by mouth, drop them on the animals head or spine, or anywhere on the body, or put some in a spray bottle (4 to 8 drops, shake well) and spray the animal and its immediate area. Essences work with the energy system, so getting them into the energy field is your primary intention.

If it is safe to hold and stroke the animal, put a few drops into your hand, rub your hands together briefly, then rub over the animals head and ears, down the spine, and down the tail. Repeat the movement from head to tail three or four times. There is no need to add any more drops. If the animal is not calming down in a few minutes, repeat the entire procedure as needed.

Note: Use caution and common sense if you are attempting to administer essences to a wild animal. If the animal is in a cage, drop the drops into its water bowl, on its head or body, or put 4 to 8 drops of Animal Emergency Soulution (or other appropriate essences) into a spray bottle and spray the animal and it's enclosure.

If you are in the wilderness, get yourself into a safe location away from harm and shift the essences to the injured animal by intention by holding the bottle in your hand and ask that the frequency be shifted to (energetically sent to) the animal in distress.

You can also request assistance from Pan or the Angels to help you do this. NOTE: A "safe location" may be your vehicle or a building. Do not put yourself at risk. The energy and intelligence of the essence, guided by your compassion and clear intention, will reach the animal and provide assistance from wherever you are. You can do this from home and send to any location on the planet.

Animal Emergency Soulution is available in an economical 1 oz. dropper bottle and a 1/2 oz. travel size.

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Dodecahedron Expresses the element of Ether. Continuously flowing movement; rebirth and regeneration. The quintessence or spirit of life connects you to and express your essential nature. Movement is life, stagnation is death. Repairs, rebuilds and restores the Dodecahedral matrix in and around the Whole of You.
  • Horse Chestnut Let go of excess baggage, especially from your second chakra (sexuality, fertility and creativity). Revitalize your creative spirit if you feel beyond your "creative years" or that you've lost your chance to reclaim artistic or inventive skills or activities from your past. See old patterns in a new light and allow yourself to be fully self-expressed. Supports the second chakra/reproductive area in both men and women.
  • Redwood Recognize the unity of all Life and the power of close-knit community ties. Acknowledge yourself as fully Human and fully Divine, an integral part of All That Is. Creates community and allows access to your ancient wisdom. The words I heard when approaching the circle of redwoods where this essence originated were, "Circle of Trees, Circle of Nations." Redwood is a tool for peacemaking in your neighborhood and across the world.
  • Sacred Heart Brings the gift of Love. This essence shares the purity and innocence of the Child's heart-freely expressed, unconditional in its application, love that knows no boundaries or limitations. Fan the flames of your inner fire and reclaim your passion and commitment. For discerning the difference between passion and obsession.
  • Gold Brings the gift of Charity. An essence of generosity and profound abundance. Freely express the innate purity of true Wealth and your unlimited capacity to share all that you have and all that you are.
  • Indian Summer "I've got 'ya." Know you are held safe as you prepare for a time of introspection and renewal. Remember the light and warmth of Summer are always within you, and you can go there anytime you need to feel secure and comfortable. Know this is not your "last chance." Aids those who are affected by the cold and darkness of the Winter season, and other "winters" of life.
  • Rose Ray Brings the gift of Self Acceptance. An essence that encourages recognition, acknowledgment and celebration of the powerful gift of ordinariness. Honor those most ordinary gifts that others admire so much, yet you may take for granted.
  • Aluminum For increased clarity and mental focus; affects the mental aspect of the Whole of You; aids the brain stem.
  • Citrine Warms the physical body. Clears thoughtforms and stabilizes the emotions, improving concentration and centeredness, and calming irritability. Clears and aligns the Whole of You, attuning you to your Higher Mind, your God-Self.
  • Fossil Fern Joyous creation and light-filled movement; for dancing in your heart and your body. Helps you communicate with nature spirits, facilitating co-creative work.

For more information on using essences with your animal friends, go to Holistic Animal Care.
Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of all Essential Soulutions.

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Animal Emergency Soulution * ES18
1 oz. (30 ml) * $12.99
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Animal Emergency Soulution * ES19
1/2 oz. (15 ml) * $9.99
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Animal Emergency Soulution Spray * ES20
1 oz. (30 ml) spray bottle* $12.99
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