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Visit the new Downloads page for a collection of documents (in pdf format) including one for each set and category of essences (The Original Set, Essential Harmonics, Plant Kingdom, and more) plus Muscle Testing, Pendulum Dowsing, and Getting Started.

How do I find the essence I'm looking for?
Click here for the essence intro page where you have access to all the essences
here for the Site Map with links to other helpful pages
here for the FAQ
here for animal care information
here for support for the highly sensitive person
here for upcoming classes and events
I think I'm a Highly Sensitive Person. Can featherhawk essences help me?

If you pick up on the emotions of people around you, experience psychic episodes or a depression that frightens or confuses you, or if you feel flat out like you wade through everybody's feelings and never quite know your own, you may have undiscovered empathic ability. The gift of empathic or psychic abilities can be considered a burden... until they are understood!

featherhawk essences can help you understand and manage your sensitivity so you can remain grounded, comfortable in your body and your surroundings, and not be overtaken by other people's emotions in your environment.

The Highly Sensitive People page offers information and support for you if you have these gifts, including several essences that help the highly sensitive person understand, appreciate and integrate their unique abilities.

Do you offer a Practitioner or Wholesale discount?
Yes! Visit the Wholesale/Practitioner page for more information. Or you can send me an email at nanci at featherhawk dot com or call 877.226.7858 or 502.435.6445 (cell) for details.
Are there any research essences at featherhawk?
Oh, yes! Visit Research Essences and discover LOTS of new research essences, especially in the Mineral Kingdom. You'll also find two new research sets, Spirit of the Mountain Essences and Tibetan Project Essences. Let me know if you'd like to be part of the research! Send me an email at nanci at featherhawk dot com or call 877.226.7858.
I want to know more about essences...

Frequently Asked Questions The FAQ answers questions about the history and basics of essence therapy, how featherhawk essences help you restore sanity in this crazy world, and how to choose and use them successfully. You will also find a brief biography of featherhawk's founder, Nanci Wesling. (Feel free to contact Nanci if you have questions that are not answered on the FAQ.)

featherhawk essences are vibrational remedies made from the healing qualities of nature. The work of essences is to balance your emotions and reconnect your body's electrical system, which contributes to your health and well-being. Also, as you read the descriptions, they tell you a story about yourself. As your story unfolds, your healing grows. They address what you think and how you feel, they relieve stress, and heal body, mind, soul, and emotions.

The Complete featherhawk Repertory of Nature and Flower Essences

Visit the Introduction to featherhawk essences page for an overview and links to the complete repertory by category (animals, plants, sacred geometry, sets, etc.).

To view the Complete Repertory, in alphabetical order and with full descriptions and links to individual essences, click here. You can also download a pdf from this page.

To explore the entire catalog of individual essences in alphabetical order, click here.

To become acquainted with individual essences by category and set (animals, flowers, minerals, Nature's Balancers, etc.), click here.

And remember, you can download a pdf of the complete repertory or the categories or sets from the Downloads page here.

How do I order products from the site?

featherhawk uses the secure PayPal® shopping cart system. When you visit the product pages, you'll see an Add to Cart button. Click on that button for each product you wish to order, and when you are finished shopping, follow the simple directions to complete your transaction on the PayPal® site.

For more information and other ordering options, go to How to Order.

For shipping and handling fees within the United States, and for information about shipping essences outside the United States, please click here.

To begin your exploration, go straight to The Essences page.

If you are an INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER, please click here to read the information on the How to Order page that applies to shipping essences outside the United States.

Essences for Your Animal Friends

Essences for Animals * Holistic Animal Care Do you have animal companions at home? Perhaps you work with animals or volunteer with a rescue or animal control organization? Check out the Holistic Animal Care page and discover the many ways you and your animal friends can benefit from featherhawk essences.

Are you doing animal rescue work? Click here for free essences from featherhawk.

Personal Sessions for People and Animals

A personal session can get you to the core of your issues quickly, and set you on a path of self-care. If you want to start using essences but you're not sure where to begin, a personal session may be the perfect first step.

It can also be helpful if you've been using essences for a while and you're feeling stuck and in need of an objective witness to get moving again. Check out the Personal Sessions page for help.

All services are available in person and from a distance by phone, mail or email.

What are People Saying About featherhawk essences?
Read the Testimonials of people just like you who are successfully using featherhawk essences.
Articles by Nanci Wesling  Nanci has published several articles on essences and essence therapy, natural health, sacred geometry, spiritual expansion.
I need a couple of dropper bottles. Can I order them from featherhawk?
Yes. Go to the Supplies page for 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. dropper bottles, as well as 4 oz. spray bottles.
The featherhawk Education Center
featherhawk Education Center Looking for an opportunity to learn more about essences, natural health and personal transformation? Go to the Education Center and explore the Calendar of Events. If you would like to sponsor a workshop in your area, click here for a list of possible topics. Classes and workshops can be customized for your group.
How do I join the featherhawk email list?
You can join the featherhawk email list by clicking here.
How to contact featherhawk
You can contact featherhawk online and by phone, email, and of course, regular mail.
Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer

Privacy Policy Protecting your personal information is one of our most important responsibilities. Your email address and other personal data is safe and secure with featherhawk. We do not sell or share any personal information, including email addresses, with anyone.

Legal Disclaimer Essences are not a substitute for medical, psychological or veterinary care. Please consult your healthcare provider before you begin using essences if you have any concerns. Please click here for the complete legal disclaimer.


The information in this web site is for educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your health care professional if you have any questions.

No animals are captured or harmed to make any featherhawk essence, there are no animal ingredients, and there is no animal testing.

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