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featherhawk Essential Soulutions TM
Children's Hope Soulution (TM)

Recapture the spontaneous joy and trust of childhood. Encourages creativity and free expression; relieves hopelessness and helplessness . Helps you become grounded and shed old patterns. Excellent remedy for children and the inner child.

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Labyrinth Travel to the Inner Sanctuary. Know you can walk the sacred and singular path to Spirit and back again with confidence, gaining insight, letting go of the past, and finding your Self. Co-created from the energy of the 7-path or Classical labyrinth, the essence can also be used to balance and align the chakras. Consider assigning seven issues, wishes dreams, other topics of interest to the seven paths. Take Labyrinth essence twice a day (morning and night) focusing on one path each day for a week. At the end of the week, revisit the paths you named and notice any differences.
  • Hibiscus For the outward expression of feminine or yin energies ­ creativity, sexuality, and fertility ­ for both men and women. Aids the development of intuition. The feminine within each of us, male and female, has been dishonored. Hibiscus restores the purity of the feminine/yin frequency, allowing the healthy expression of intuition, sexuality, and innate creativity. Give yourself the opportunity to truly honor these aspects in yourself and others.
  • Infinity Vertical Balance, align and energize the chakras. Energy moves multidimensionally through the Earth and the Cosmos, joining Heaven and Earth through your Heart Center. Infinity's limitless reach affords access to universal imagination and the ability to ground your vision into your Earthly experience.
  • Continuum Brings the gift of Hope. An essence of movement and breath, foundation and life, affirming optimism and confident expectancy. For remaining on course, putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on when it seems no progress is being made. For perseverance and trust that all is in Divine order.
  • Horse Chestnut Let go of excess baggage, especially from your second chakra (sexuality, fertility and creativity). Revitalize your creative spirit if you feel beyond your "creative years" or that you've lost your chance to reclaim artistic or inventive skills or activities from your past. See old patterns in a new light and allow yourself to be fully self-expressed. Supports the second chakra/reproductive area in both men and women.
  • Rose Ray Brings the gift of Self Acceptance. Encourages recognition, acknowledgment and celebration of the powerful gift of ordinariness. Honor those most ordinary gifts that others admire so much, yet you may take for granted.
  • Snake Rebirth into the new. Release what no longer fits, allowing new freedom of movement. Snake keeps you grounded as you move through the disorienting process of "shedding the old skin."
  • Clear Quartz Receiver and amplifier of energy and information; aids communication with all aspects of your being. Synchronizes the Whole of You with All That Is, opening you to wisdom, guidance, and alignment with the Higher Will. NOTE: Be conscious with your use of this crystalline essence as it amplifies without regard to the quality or goodness of the information or energy in its field of impact. If you are ill, angry, sad, or out of harmony for any reason, it will enhance that as easily as it enhances joy, wellness or balance. Use clear quartz (in crystal or essence form) in conjunction with other essences that support your specific ned and it will increase their good effect without regard to your state of mind.

Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of all Essential Soulutions.

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Children's Hope Soulution * ES4
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