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Clarity & Focus

For concentration and contemplation, for keeping your mind on the task at hand. Excellent for meditation, study and research, business meetings, family gatherings... any place or situation in which you want to be fully present and paying attention.

The foundation of Clarity & Focus is pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol plus essences and an essential oil. Shake well before each use as there are no emulsifers in the formula. It's available in 4 oz. and 1 oz. sizes in cobalt blue spray bottles with white misters.

Includes the following featherhawk essences:

Hawk Serenity and clear inner vision. Release small details and gain freedom to see the big picture. Move quickly between the details and the overview to maintain flow and rhythm. Gain awareness of a greater reality. Supports the translation of concept into form, of knowledge into wisdom.

Eagle Focus; helps you discern the next step when you see numerous possibilities yet feel unsure about where to begin. Like the Eagle sighting its prey and becoming totally focused, all distractions fall away and you KNOW the next step to take. Expand beyond the limitations of the physical plane and into the Whole of You, a place you may be unfamiliar with; trust the urge to unfold and embrace your wholeness. Eagle helps you hear your sound on the wind and identify your calling. For discovering your life path, one step at a time.

Crow Embrace and expand Sacred Law to create transformation. For joyous participation in life, especially in community with others. Crow protects the electronic transfer of information (phone, cell, fax, modem, cable), and frees your mind from the accumulation of "symbol language" in the Mental body that can occur working with electronics. To clear your phone line, cell phone, computer or other electronic equipment, take Crow essence, write "Crow" on a sticky note and stick it on the equipment, and invoke the energy of Crow.

Octahedron Expresses the element of Air. This is the atmosphere of ideas, dreams, thoughts, and reason that permeates your inner landscape. Brings balance to the mind and encourages the mind/ego to acknowledge the heart as leader while valuing its own ability to "do." Repairs, rebuilds and restores the Octahedral matrix in and around the Whole of You.

Gypsum Allays the tension of the outer quest by linking the conscious mind with the inner mystic.

Malachite Assists in clearing natural and man-made radiation, including computer radiation, from the Whole of You and your immediate environment. This is a good stone to have between yourself and your computer. Balances the whole brain; opens the heart stimulating empathy and compassion. Supports unity of being. Restores balance to sight in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. If sight in one is distorted, sight in all will be unclear.

Plus 100% pure Atlas Cedar essential oil.

Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of featherhawk Aura Sprays.

Spray 3 or 4 spritzes in a room, above and around your body (letting the mist fall through your energy field), spray your heart or other chakra centers, and, for extra grounding, spray the bottoms of your feet (with or without shoes). Safe for animals (except cats*) and children, too. Avoid spraying directly in your eyes. For external use only.

*Cats and essential oils: It is safe to use the sprays in a home with cats, even to spritz a bit around their sleeping or living areas. You just want to avoid spraying the cats directly because they can be sensitive to the essential oils.

I'm erring on the side of caution with this warning, since there are just a few drops of oils in the sprays - enough to carry the lovely scents, but not a lot of total drops in the bottle. I have a cat myself and I use the sprays even when she's in the room with me, but I don't spray it on her or directly at her.

Clarity & Focus Aura Spray * AS2
4 oz. (120 ml) * $15.99
Clarity & Focus Aura Spray * AS7
1 oz. (30 ml) * $5.99
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