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The essences of light were developed to bring clarity and purpose to our Earthwalk.

They resonate to core, archetypal energies within you as an individual, and through you to the collective consciousness. They deliver an exceptional level of clarification and illumination supporting universal transformation and ascension.

We are moving through exciting and challenging times personally, globally, and universally. These essences help you refocus your life in Light by paying attention to yourself---body, mind, soul, and emotions---and making conscious choices to support yourself every day. In honoring and loving yourself, you touch everyone and everything around you with honor and love, paying it forward. A true blessing!

There are many things you can do in your outer life to support the Earth: recycle, use water wisely, honor people, the land, and all of nature. However, if you do these things and remain toxic within your own mind and heart, your outer work is diminished.

The Earth is healing Herself. It us up to us to honor Her clarity of purpose by focusing on our own healing. And we must do this using the power of the heart, from Love. Maintain your center of power, your Heart, and you will aid the Earth and all sentient beings in ways you see and ways you can't even imagine, yet they will be felt throughout the multiverse.

Call on the archetypal energies of the essences of light to access and embody your experience of transformation and you will begin sharing your Light with others wherever you are.

There are nine essences in the essences of light set. For descriptions of the eindividual ssences, or to purchase them for $9.99 each, please click on the names below.

Download a pdf of all the
essences of light descriptions here.

To purchase the entire set and save 30%, scroll down or click here.

Light Serum Sacred Heart Continuum
Resurrection Gold Touchstone
White Rose of Sharon Rose Ray Circle
Choose Stabilizer
essences of light TM * EL0
9 bottles, 1/2 oz. (15 ml) * $63.33
($89.91 if you purchase indivudal bottles, a savings of $26.58)
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