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"Everything expresses according to frequency."
- Gwilda Wiyaka -

Everything is frequency: every bone, organ, and cell in your body. Every tree, flower and blade of grass. Every human and critter of every description. Every breath, every drop of water, every stone. Everything.

Frequency is the basis of all that we see and experience in our world. Light, sound, color, form --- all is manifested by through frequency. When these are out of balance or "out of tune" (dissonant or disharmonic), we feel out of sorts. When they are in balance or "in tune", we feel great. Sometimes the effect is obvious, sometimes it 's subtle. Because humans have a fairly limited visual and auditory sensitivity, we miss a great deal in our environment and within our own being.

The Essential Harmonics™ essences include the full spectrum of sound, light, and color that we can see and hear, and all wavelengths beyond our Earthly senses. When I was invited to co-create them, I was told they embody all frequencies known to Man and all frequencies known only to God.

Additionally, the twelve chromatic tones (the white and black keys on a piano) represent the qualities of the 12 Disciples, adapted from Charles Fillmore's book, The Twelve Powers of Man. These qualities, and the disciple they represent, are included at the beginning of each individual essence description.

The Essential Harmonics™ put healing frequencies at your fingertips, providing the opportunity to restore and re-integrate your Body, Mind, Soul and Emotions. You never need to know the exact frequency that's out of harmony; when you dowse or muscle test yourself (or use your intuition or another method that works for you), just take the ones you check for and the appropriate frequency will be provided.

Your body automatically uses the frequency it needs and sends it where it will do the most good.

Download a pdf with the complete descriptions of the Essential Harmonics™ here, or click on the individual links below.

Using the Essential Harmonics

These essences balance and align your chakras, restore the proper frequency to a specific area of your body in need of support, do Earth healing, work with your animal companions, and so much more. Whatever your imagination can devise, the Essential Harmonics can be used for support and enlightenment.

Take them internally, apply them topically, place a few drops in a fountain or bowl of water in your home or office, or simply place the bottle on a chakra or acupuncture point, on joints, vertebrae, or organs, or any area in need of attention. Ask each essence to deliver the frequency your body is most in need of, and it shall be done.

When you're working with the Essential Harmonics™, begin your session by taking White Lotus, check yourself for the essences you need from the set, then close your session by taking Wind. If you are working with other featherhawk essences (or another company 's products) it's OK to skip this protocol, though it is a beautiful way to begin and end any essence session.

Sixteen Essential Harmonics™ Essences

There are sixteen essences in the Essential Harmonics™. They are packaged in clear half ounce dropper bottles and are available with either a vodka or red shiso herb and vinegar stabilizer. They come in two boxes for use and storage.

To purchase individual essences for $12.99 each, please click on the names below. To purchase the entire set and save 30%, scroll down or click here.

White Lotus C C# D
D# E F F#
G G# A A#
B Divine Masculine Divine Feminine Wind
Choose Stabilizer
Essential Harmonics Complete Set * EH0
16 clear bottles, 1/2 oz. (15 ml)
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