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What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

One of the biggest questions sensitive people have is this: "Why do I react so differently to the world than the 'average' person?" In her book, The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, Dr. Kyra Mesich tackles that question and introduces the world to her personal experiences with high sensitivity, psychic awareness, depression, and her discovery of flower essences as an effective solution.

It is important to realize that your sensitivity and empathic ability is not a curse or a problem, it is an asset! High sensitivity indicates you are intuitive, creative and compassionate. If you are only seeing that you are anxious, depressed, and longing to be alone in a cave somewhere because crowds of people, loud noises, and everything in your environment tends to send you into overwhelm, essences can help you!

The trick, if you will, is to manage your sensitivity in such a way that you can remain grounded, comfortable in your body and your surroundings, and not be overtaken by other people's emotions or other things in your environment.

Several featherhawk essences are helpful in strengthening your personal boundaries and exploring and developing your psychic and empathic abilities, as well as reducing the stress inherent in simply being highly sensitive these days. Click here for a suggested list of essences that will support you. Click here for a list of books that may help you understand your sensitivity.

As you browse through the entire repertory of featherhawk essences (here) you may find the perfect solution to your own issue or dilemma that is not listed here. Please honor your curiosity and inner guidance!

Dr. Kyra Mesich recommends featherhawk essences

"I have recommended featherhawk essences in my newly released book, 'The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide: An Alternative Health Answer to Emotional Sensitivity and Depression.' The book is about the relationship between emotional sensitivity and psychic sensitivity.

"I am a psychologist, and I have found that emotional sensitivity (feeling emotions deeply, unable to shake off emotions, being easily hurt, overwhelmed in crowded, noisy environments, and tendency toward recurrent depression or anxiety) is directly due to a person's unawareness of their natural, empathic psychic ability.

"In working with clients, I found that the Yarrows are key essences in helping sensitive people overcome the painful aspects of their sensitivity and reclaim the benefits it can hold for them.

"Thanks for making and distributing such a wonderful, healing product."

--- Kyra Mesich, PsyD
Author of 'The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide'

Essences for Highly Sensitive People
+ recommended by Dr. Kyra Mesich
Black Tourmaline
Eye of the Storm
Luminous Egg
+Pink Yarrow
Red Yarrow
Smoky Quartz

+White Yarrow
Wild Marjoram
+Yarrow Blend
Yellow Yarrow

Research Essences

Poison Ivy

Recommended Books for the Highly Sensitive Person

I believe you would benefit tremendously from reading the book, The Tao of Equus, by Linda Kohanov. It is, as the title suggests, about horses and how wonderfully they help and support humans on their spiritual path. A key component of the work involves the highly sensitive nature of horses; that 's what makes them amazing therapists for human beings in the practice of equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning. The book will introduce you to these healing therapies and you may learn a lot about the positive value of emotions by reading it.

The book tells Linda's personal story about the many ways horses helped her personal growth. Then it goes on to stories about using the amazing sensitivity of horses to help others discover their special gifts, let go of old baggage, and learn to be wholly present and focused in the NOW, while remaining in touch with their emotions without being overwhelmed.

I've read the book three times (so far!) and the information about how horses deal with the emotions around them, both in their herd and in the humans they interact with, can be translated for people who are sensitive. Horses demand coherent emotions from the humans around them, and they respond immediately when people are trying to make nice or be cheerful when they feel otherwise.

I come into the "highly sensitive" spectrum at the ADD end (attention deficit disorder), so I haven't experienced the emotional extremes many of you walk through every day if you fall in the emotionally sensitive area of the spectrum. I believe the information in this book can make a difference for you, wherever you fall on the range of sensitivity. And it's a wonderfully inspiring story, even if you have no connection to high sensitivity! Check it out and discern for yourself.

Here is a list of more books to check out. The asterisks (***) means I've read the book myself. The others are recommended by people I know who are highly sensitive and have benefited from the information they provide.

  • The Sensitive Persons Survival Guide, Kyra Mesich, PsyD, 2000 ***
  • Your Aura and Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual, Karla McLaren, 1998
  • Energetic Boundaries: Practical Protection and Renewal Skills for Healers, Therapists, and Sensitive People (Audio CD), Karla McLaren, 2003
  • The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine N. Aron, PhD, 1997
  • The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World (Step-By-Step Guides), Elaine N. Aron, PhD, 2004
  • The Highly Sensitive Person's Workbook, Elaine N. Aron, PhD, 1999

"I was a wreck and nothing I'd tried over a period of decades worked. By some miracle, I found Dr. Mesich's book and finally put the puzzle pieces together. Now I had a label and a crystal-clear understanding of what was happening as far as emotional overload from other people. The next step was to help protect myself. I scoured Dr. Mesich's resources page and went online to order flower essences. I shopped around hard (I'm very fussy after years of wasting money on remedies that didn't work), but I kept being drawn back to featherhawk.com. I'm so glad I decided to go with my intuition: Nanci Wesling has been wonderful. The prompt, friendly and efficient service adds a soothing human element to the transaction."

--Milli Thornton, Canyon Lake, TX,
author of Fear of Writing, http://www.fearofwriting.com

"I love your stuff so much and that yarrow really works along with the aura sprays, when I do readings the energy clears very well after using them, I'm so happy I found your site!

Enfield, CT USA


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