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The Original Set is the first nine essences co-created while I was traveling in the U.S. in 1992. The first two, Hawk and Eagle, were made in Boulder, Colorado, where I lived at the time. Then I went on the road and made three in Indiana (Catalpa Tree Flower, Tick, Wild Marjoram), two in Utah (Raven and Deer), and two in California (Mint Flower and Hibiscus). They moved me, gently yet firmly, through much emotional turmoil and layers of old, stuck patterns. When they were completed, my perspective on life had shifted, and my work co-creating essences with nature had begun.

There is a special synergy among these nine essences and together they have a gift for moving you gently yet profoundly through many layers of mental and emotional baggage. They are an excellent foundation for those who are new to essences, as well as a powerful tool for the experienced essence practitioner.

Since making these essences, I've discovered the order in which they were made is significant. The first four essences in the set, Hawk (step back from the detail into the big picture), Eagle (focus), Tick (embrace anger and express emotions with integrity) and Catalpa Tree Flower (share in groups, commitment to community), help you deal with outer situations and dilemmas.

Wild Marjoram, which balances the breath in and the breath out (feminine and masculine), is exactly in the center bringing grounding and stability to the work of the entire set while maintaining your center in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

The last four essences, Raven (embrace your Shadow), Deer (claim your Light), Mint Flower (rebuild foundation and transform abuse), and Hibiscus (express inner wisdom), explore and honor your inner being as you prepare to express again out in the world.

Hibiscus encourages action based on intuition, and as you spiral back to your outer expression, who is there to meet you but Hawk, once again keeping the big picture in mind... and the cycle begins again. This set is a powerful yet gentle tool for healing on all levels.

Download a pdf with the complete descriptions of the Original Set here.

There are nine essences in The Original Set. For descriptions of the individual essences, or to purchase individual essences for $8.99 each, please click on the names below. To purchase the entire set now and save 30% (a savings of $25.36), scroll down or click here.

Hawk Eagle Catalpa Tree Flower
Tick Wild Marjoram Raven
Deer Mint Flower Hibiscus
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