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Essence work, like all health care modalities, is an art as well as a science. Due to financial considerations, featherhawk has not undertaken "scientific" research into the effects of essences. However, I am a great believer in observing and learning from experience, so I share these testimonials with you in that light. When you experience transformation it becomes real for you and that is what matters.

Below you will find stories from clients and customers. If you would like to share your experiences with featherhawk essences email your experience to me today for consideration. Thank you!

Please note: The testimonials are given verbatim as received except for correction of spelling and/or grammatical errors, or occasional shortening if they were lengthy or when parts of the communication were irrelevant to the public. Per the rules of the Federal Trade Commission on testimonials, featherhawk does not claim that the results these writers share are typical or can be expected by everyone or most people using the products described.

"I have recommended featherhawk essences in my newly released book, "The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide." The book is about the relationship between emotional sensitivity and psychic sensitivity.

I am a psychologist, and I have found that emotional sensitivity (feeling emotions deeply, unable to shake off emotions, being easily hurt, overwhelmed in crowded, noisy environments, and tendency toward recurrent depression or anxiety) is directly due to a person's unawareness of their natural, empathic psychic ability.

"In working with clients, I found that the Yarrows are key essences in helping sensitive people overcome the painful aspects of their sensitivity and reclaim the benefits it can hold for them."

Dr. Kyra Mesich
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

"I had some blood work done with a routine exam and they accidentally pierced the back side of the blood vessel. My arm got very big, and a hard lump developed. I used the trauma essence [Trauma Soulution] on it and it reduced the lump just in front of my eyes, and also my husband's. Quite amazing. I have always had a few essences on hand, for reasons I wasn't totally clear about. But then what I have needed has always been there!"

Susan McCarty
Salem, Indiana USA

"I just wanted to let you know that Raina is doing well. I have been using the Rain & Lightning essence you sent. We had a thunderstorm here a few days ago, Raina and I and the new puppy, Argos, were all out in the back yard. Usually, Raina will hear the thunder long before I do and will try to hide under furniture. She's a large dog so this usually doesn't work too well!LOL But that day, she lay out in the yard with us while it thundered in the distance. She watched me for signs, and I remained calm with an "its okay" attitude. She remained calm the whole time. She still has some issues, but I really think this essence is helping, especially with the thunderstorms!! Thanks so much for choosing it for her."

Wendie Henderson
Raina & Argos

"I love your stuff so much and that yarrow really works along with the aura sprays, when I do readings the energy clears very well after using them, I'm so happy I found your site!"

Enfield, CT USA

"I want to tell you the last experience with your essences. I have a friend that suffers: hands and legs shake without stopping, but isn't Parkinson's. She had already done many medical treatments. I used Trauma Soulution and DNA Matrix and she doesn't shake more. God is praised for you and the flowers. Thank you. Abraços e 1000 vezes Obrigada."

Fátima Rezende de Andrade
Porto Alegre, BRAZIL

"The Woman's Wisdom has been very helpful to me in controlling hot flashes. I notice a significant difference if I miss using it for a few days!"

MN, Ohio USA

"Hi featherhawk,
First of all I want to thank you for what you have given me. I had a major shift with my business that is much too detailed to go into here, but I just wanted you to know that you and your essences were a major part of that shift. And I want to thank you for that."

V. Gilpin
Bardstown, Kentucky USA

I had to write to you to let you know that my puppy is doing very well! The vet had wanted to put her to sleep after she was hit, since she would never be able to walk after the multiple hip fractures she sustained after being hit by a car.

For two weeks, I gave her Trauma Soulution in her water and topically once every couple hours as well as many other natural therapies. She had comfrey powder, ghee, and honey four times a day for bone repair; ferr phos and calc phos for inflammation and bone repair; and Release blend essential oil topically (which she hated, but it killed the pain so that she could sleep). Within two weeks, she was walking and going to the bathroom without much trouble. Six weeks later, she's running and playing. I've got the x-rays to prove it, too. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ryan Haeseley
Richmond, Indiana USA

"I still don't know whether this week can be cropped up to the essences but I have used them faithfully and I don't know who this person is living in my body but I sure hope she doesn't leave. I have accomplished more this week than I have in months combined!! Terri says I am scaring her and it hasn't really been hard either. I love it. Thank you sooooo much."

Diane Cooper, Owner
The Natural Touch Spa
Corydon, Indiana USA

"...go ahead and add one more Celery essence - it works great on my allergies!!!"

Charlotte Whitmer
Berkley, Michigan USA

Our landlord moved into our building with a big dog, which freaked out our cat. She began peeing on the floor and disappearing all day and coming home late at night. We tried giving her essences to no avail. Then we gave her featherhawk House Cat. She settled right down and was her old self again in no time!


"I would like to introduce you to a friend and respected practitioner, Nanci Wesling... also known as featherhawk. The work of featherhawk, which incorporates the use of nature essences, has helped so many people I know. To understand the use and success of nature essences is like understanding communion. The way of nature to help heal and balance the body works on all levels -- mental, spiritual and physical.

"When I have consulted with Nanci, and/or used her essences, there is a great feeling of peace and sense of wonderment of the world around me, relationships with others, and my own path in life."

Leslie Wood, Wildwood Botanicals
Maine USA

"Dear Nanci,

"My cat Sushi was adopted and then given up by 5 different families before I adopted him as a kitten from the Humane Society. All during the 12 years he has lived with me, he has been stand-offish and prone to biting people unexpectedly. I thought it was just his nature and that he would never change, but I know better now.

"About 2 months ago, you gave me one of your essences to rub on his fur [Gold]. I have been doing that every day faithfully, and he is a different cat now! He comes to me for affection and sits patiently while I scratch and stroke him. He purrs, and even sits on my lap every evening!

Thank you for helping an unhappy cat find love!"

Carolyn Denslow
Seattle, Washington USA

"I used the essence "In the Beginning..." almost daily for the first two months after my initial purchase and refill. This particular essence has really helped keep me on track with doing all I need to do regarding finishing my GIM certification. Sometimes taking the essence helps as a pick me up when I am trying to accomplish getting something done on a particular day. It has also helped me feel more comfortable in speaking about my work more clearly."

Patricia Guobis
Louisville, Kentucky, USA


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