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featherhawk Essential Soulutions TM
Courage Soulution (TM)

Transform the energy of fear into freedom, curiosity, excitement, and adventure. Stay present and listen to your heart, turn off the tapes of old negative beliefs, and quiet the inner critic. Remember that thoughts become things; think and speak only that which you wish to manifest in your life right now.

This blend includes the following featherhawk essences:

  • Opal Matrix & Silver Grounding and Universal connection; completion. Changes are occurring quickly and in many cases, very subtly. You may have difficulty accepting that a given process or situation has ended or moved to the next level. If you are holding yourself back, either consciously or unconsciously, OM&S can help you move beyond your old "comfort zone" by keeping you safe and grounded as you explore beyond your old limits.
  • Rabbit Transform the fears you create that escalate based on imagined outcomes rather than what is actually happening in the moment. "But, what if this happens?!!?? And, oh, WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS!??!!!" All the while, NOTHING is happening except in your imagination! Bring your focus into the present moment and claim your innate wisdom and ability to handle your life.
  • Chrysocolla Clears armoring around the heart center, encourages giving and receiving love and the nurturing of consciousness. Recognize and express your feelings without attachment to the outcome. Take when focusing on the breath to aid oxygenation of the cells and increase spiritual understanding.
  • Clear Quartz Receiver and amplifier of energy and information; aids communication with all aspects of your being. Synchronizes the Whole of You with All That Is, opening you to wisdom, guidance, and alignment with the Higher Will. NOTE: Be conscious with your use of this crystalline essence as it amplifies without regard to the quality or goodness of the information or energy in its field of impact. If you are ill, angry, sad, or out of harmony for any reason, it will enhance that as easily as it enhances joy, wellness or balance. Use clear quartz (in crystal or essence form) in conjunction with other essences that support your specific ned and it will increase their good effect without regard to your state of mind.

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