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Spirit Shield

For healing the loss of innocence, maintaining innocent perception, and remaining free of judgment. Strengthens and sustains personal boundaries. Holds and grounds Light in the physical body.

The foundation of Spirit Shield is pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol plus essences and two essential oils. Shake well before each use as there are no emulsifers in the formula. It's available in 4 oz. and 1 oz. sizes in cobalt blue spray bottles with white misters.

Includes the following featherhawk essences:

Sacred Tears   Selfless dedication, joy, compassion, and graciousness. Stay on course with hope and clear focus regardless of outer experiences.

Gypsum   Allays the tension of the outer quest by linking the conscious mind with the inner mystic.

Green Tourmaline   Opens the heart. Encourages deeper connection with the plant kingdom and assists in the study of plants, especially for healing. Transforms stagnant or dark energy into fuel for living without releasing it to the outer environment - the epitome of effective recycling!

Vortex**   You are the center of this double vortex - one spiraling out from your crown chakra and one spiraling out from the bottoms of your feet. You are the single point of focus, the "no point" where the two meet, the safe refuge of your own creation.

Firefly   Brings in light to "stitch up" rips and tears in the etheric body that may be caused by trauma, injury, or unhealthy attachments. Helps you discern the difference between attachment (being emotionally hooked) and connection (when the threads binding you to another are freely chosen, gently held, and willingly released). Firefly lights the path enabling you to maintain awareness of your connections without being attached to them. Keeps your spiritual path clear of unnecessary clutter

Jaguar   Walk fearlessly through the darkness with grace and power, tracking your journey and what is important to you. Your fierce independence serves you well, as you rely on your instinct and intuition to guide you. Reclaim your birthright and expand your horizons.

Queen Anne's Lace   Opens the crown chakra and delivers spiritual wisdom and guidance into the heart, then grounds it through the lower chakras and firmly into the Earth plane. Listen to your heart and express this wisdom and love in your life everyday. (Queen Anne's Lace normally has one dark purple floret in the center. The source for this essence had a nickel-sized patch of purple florets in the center!)

plus 100% pure Brazilian Rosewood and Grapefruit essential oils.

Click here to print a pdf of the complete list of featherhawk Aura Sprays.

Spray 3 or 4 spritzes in a room, above and around your body (letting the mist fall through your energy field), spray your heart or other chakra centers, and, for extra grounding, spray the bottoms of your feet (with or without shoes). Safe for animals (except cats*) and children, too. Avoid spraying directly in your eyes. For external use only.

*Cats and essential oils: It is safe to use the sprays in a home with cats, even to spritz a bit around their sleeping or living areas. Avoid spraying the cats directly because they can be sensitive to the essential oils.

I'm erring on the side of caution with this warning, since there are just a few drops of oils in the sprays - enough to carry the lovely scents, but not a lot of total drops in the bottle. I have a cat myself and I use the sprays even when she's in the room with me, but I don't spray it on her or directly at her.

**Vortex essence, which is included in this spray, is not currently available as an individual essence.

Spirit Shield Aura Spray * AS5
4 oz. (120 ml) * $15.99
Spirit Shield Aura Spray * AS10
1 oz. (30 ml) * $5.99
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