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Essence Therapy for Animals

Animals are deeply influenced by the gentle frequencies of featherhawk essences, often demanding an essence, or even selecting one for themselves (see the testimonial, below).

And remember, animals voluntarily act as filters for YOUR stuff, so be sure to pay attention to your own life and emotions when you're having problems with your companion animal's behavior. It can be very helpful if the people in the household are checked for essences along with their animal companions.

Because animals respond quickly to essence therapy, a session is usally about 30 minutes.

Common issues with animals:

  • Behavioral and training problems
  • Environmental or emotional stress
  • Changes at home (i.e. moving, illness, divorce or marriage, new animals or people in the home, etc.)
  • Rescued and abused animals are especially responsive to the gentleness of essences
  • A Personal Formula for your companion, which is included in the fee, is prepared to ground and integrate the work.
Includes a Personal Essence Formula for your animal companion; please select your preferred stabilizer
Essence Therapy for Animals * $35.00

"Here's another story for you... Was working the Louisville agility trial this past weekend and was talking with a little dog with separation anxiety issues; she absolutely did not want to leave her mama's side.

I felt that one of your essences was called for and let the dog choose from my selection... she by-passed all of them until she got to Spirit Shield and then actually grabbed the cap and tried to pull it off! I took the cap off and she put her little nose right up to the spritzer and inhaled deeply several times... I then sprayed some on my hands and rubbed her down with it.

Her excited mom came back later to report that the dog was SO much better and would actually leave her side to compete in the trial."

Jeanna R. Billings, Indiana
Animal Communication - Reiki for People and Pets - Totem Animal Intuitive

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No animals are captured or harmed to make any featherhawk essence, there are no animal ingredients, and there is no animal testing.

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