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"You should not treat the body without the soul."
Plato's Dialogues

In Nanci's private practice, BioSpiritual BodyTuning, she uses the essences, of course, plus sound healing (tuning forks, toning and drumming), essential oils, spiritually guided intuitive counseling, and an eclectic blend of energy work that includes Reiki, Resonance Balancing, laying-on-of-hands, and other modalities she's studied since 1987.

BioSpiritual BodyTuning? Each of us is undeniably a physical body (Bio) and a soul or spirutual being (Spiritual), and everyone can use a good 'tune-up' from time to time (BodyTuning), so this phrase came together to describe the spectrum of techniques and energies used for your session.

Depending on your preference, your session may include any or all of these tools and techniques. If you prefer a particular type of work, your request will always be honored. Each session is intuitively guided.

Sessions are available in person and by phone. Gift Certificates are also available. For information about making an appointment plus a description of each Personal Service that's available, click the links below.

How to make an appointment
Essence Reading --- 1-1/2 to 2 hours
Tune-Up --- 1 hour or 30 minutes
Essence Therapy for Animals 30 minutes
Personal Essence Formula

What is the point of a personal session? Aren't essences the ultimate self-help remedy?

Essences ARE uniquely effective as self-help tools, there is no doubt about it. They are easy to use, safe and harmless to everyone from the tiniest baby to the most elderly adult (human or animal), and they are delivered right to your door. Because you are human, however, you are not always the most objective observer of your own issues and behavior.

Disharmony and loss of connection with the Soul are fundamental sources of human dis-ease and emotional suffering, and the primary causes of this disharmony are blocked or unexpressed emotions and negative thinking. Most of these ways of being are created very early in life, causing us to believe "that's just the way I am."

Habits and patterns are actually learned behavior, not our naturalness (just watch children doing and saying whatever comes to mind in the moment --- and their parents telling them to be quiet!). When we're young, we are highly skilled at observing and imitating the grownups around us. They, of course, learned by watching their parents, who learned by watching their parents... and so on back through the generations.

Since many of us have poor role models (because the people we learned from had poor role models), this learned behavior can disconnect us from our Soul. I've often wondered how many "genetic" patterns are actually emotional patterns that have been ingrained in our family lineage and passed down through the generations, having nothing whatsoever to do with anybody's actual genetic makeup!

The Value of a Neutral Observer

A personal session helps you address unresolved and unexpressed emotional issues by introducing an important factor into your personal work: a neutral observer who is not personally involved with your issues and concerns.

When I work with a client, I am able to remain clear precisely because your issues carry no charge for me. Even if I've successfully navigated a similar path, my point of view is unencumbered by your feelings and emotions, your background, and your beliefs.

Personal sessions and essence therapy help bring the source of unhelpful habits and patterns into conscious awareness. The key word is "conscious." When you become aware that a habit is just that, a response you created many years ago to stay safe, you can let it go and make another choice.

Nature, embodied in the essences themselves, helps restore and revitalize your Soul connection, which has never been lost. This renewed connection enables you to consciously listen to your intuition, choose your thoughts and feelings, change your habits and belief systems, stabilize your new-found balance, and support your present goals. featherhawk essences shine their brightest in this gentle healing of the Soul.

You are Not Off the Hook!

Essences do not do your inner work for you, I'm sorry to say. Rather, they reintroduce you to your natural balance and harmony and restore connection to your soul blueprint. They help you remember your personal story and reframe your life experiences to establish a strong and stable foundation for future expansion and growth.

You have access to all the knowledge and wisdom you will ever need, even though you may feel you have lost the key to it. Essence therapy is a powerful and profound key for transformation and self-realization, and often just a session or two can jump-start your personal work.

Personal Sessions

Sessions provide a proven structure for change and transformation and are available in person and by phone. Distance or remote work is as effective as a face-to-face session because we are all part of the same Whole, the same web of life. Below is a paraphrase of one of my favorite quotes from Francis Thompson:

"...you cannot touch a flower
without troubling of a star."

This speaks directly to the power and effectiveness of remote healing work, and to our unbreakable connection with one another and All That Is.

A good schedule is one session a month for 3 to 6 months, or until you feel completion or resolution of the issue. In acute cases, once a week can be helpful until the issue resolves or is reduced sufficiently to move to a different schedule or end the sessions. The work is always guided by your inner wisdom and intention.

How to make an appointment

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky Metro area (Jefferson County, Kentucky and Southern Indiana), I can come to you or we can meet at my office in Southern Indiana. If I travel to you, there is an additional $10 fee.

If you live outside this area, we can work by phone. If you choose to work by phone, you are responsible for any long distance charges.

For phone appointments, payment can be made by clicking on one of the links above and adding the session of your choice to the PayPal® shopping cart, or Nanci will email you a PayPal® invoice. You can also send your check, cash or money order by mail to Nanci Wesling, PO Box 125, New Albany, Indiana 47151.0125. We'll make arrangements when you schedule your appointment. All phone sessions must be paid in advance.

To schedule a personal session in person or by phone, email nanci at featherhawk.com, or call: 812.949.0478 (local from Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky metro), +1.812.949.0478 (international).

I'm in the Eastern time zone; please call between 10 AM and 9 PM ET.

Are you working on sensitive, deep-seated or long-term issues?

Support yourself with a monthly Reading or Tune-up, or just a Personal Formula to maintain your momentum and successfully resolve issues.

If you are not already using essences on your own, begin as soon as you're ready (you'll know when). This empowers you and helps you manage your continuing self-healing and inner awareness

Note: Children and animals respond more quickly than adults to this work and may require only one or two sessions or personal essence formulas, depending on the issues being addressed.


I first came across Nanci's wonderful essences through a reference from Bobbi Brooks. I then directly ordered more of the same before requesting an individual consultation.

At regular intervals last Spring, Nanci would give me one or 2 hours of essence "readings" where she would describe to me each essence as she found it for me. Over time there were particular ones that stood out. However, I would wait and be surprised by the essence that she would mail me to carry on the effects of the consult until I phoned again about 3 weeks later.

I loved the journey, as I would find different patterns in the essences matching or encouraging me on an unfolding in my life and in my art work in particular. I was at a stuck point when I phoned the first time - doing very tight and traditional watercolors. I had wanted to learn certain skills and then gotten mired. Over the Spring, I left watercolors and turned to batik and silk painting. It was a gradual process and took some time to really discover that I was "home" with the drape of fabric, the intensity of dye color and the unpredictability of wax. Even though I am just a beginner, there is a sense that I am in the right "community," that the people, this work - from the traditional Japanese art to the new discoveries - are what I love doing and learning.

In terms of the essences. there was a hiatus in late Spring. I was busy and traveling. However, at one point, I entered a time of such emotional confusion that a friend recommended flower essences. She gave me the name of a man who makes his essences from plants in southern Appalachia, many of which were like those I knew from growing up on a farm in Virginia. From that set of essences I learned to "test" myself for what I needed. I would allow my hand to move above the bottles (sometimes close, other times a little further away) sensing for some interruption in the energy. That would direct me to the essence I needed.

After a couple of months of working with these essences, I remembered the range that Nanci offered, and the energies that her essences offered that were not obvious to me in the essences I already had. I looked through her list and ordered what stood out for me in my memory and in what I knew about myself. As soon as I opened her essences and ran my hand over them, there was so much energy coming form them to me, it felt like heat radiating. I knew I was on the right path.

Now I check in usually 2 times a day - first thing in the AM and again in the mid or late afternoon - my lull time. I find what is "up" for me- I take several drops of what I need and put several drops of that essence into water that I will drink over the next while. Sometimes I need many essences, sometimes nothing. If I find that I need nothing, I check to feel if I'm actually centered - which can make a profound difference. When I travel, I ask ahead of time what I will need and put that in a small bottle to add to my water during the time I'm away. Obviously, I find the essences deeply intriguing.

So, thank you! Nanci.

Salley K
Brookline, Massachusetts


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