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Do you offer personal consultations?
How did you get into essences and natural healing?
Teaching is my passion

Where did "featherhawk" come from?
Who created the Hawk logo?

Who is Nanci Irene Wesling?

I'm the founder and producer of featherhawk essences.

My background is an eclectic one. I've been a singer-guitarist, temp, clerk-typist, switchboard operator, secretary, office manager, marketing coordinator, word processor, communications coordinator, order management specialist, and desktop publisher. I also make jewelry, write and teach, and of course, I do healing work (click here for more on that).

I love words, so communication has always been part of my enthusiasm for singing and performing, and is an integral part of my passion for writing and teaching.

You can probably tell that I've been labeled ADD. I can't help that I'm fascinated by the world and most everything in it . I can be exceptionally focused on some things, and pretty much an air-head about others. It makes for interesting days!

Left: In Machu Picchu, April 2010, rewarded with a rainbow at the end of the day!

I grew up in Hollywood, California. Beginning at age six, my grandmother taught me to sing, and I picked up the guitar at age eleven. A great fan of contemporary folk music, my most favorite performer was (and is) Buffy Sainte-Marie, followed closely by Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Judy Collins. Eventually, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown and James Taylor joined the list. More recently I've come to love Eva Cassidy and James Lee Stanley. There are plenty of others.

I sang in girl's glee, choirs and madrigals throughout junior and senior high school, including several solo performances. After graduating from Hollywood High School, I worked in various administrative jobs while performing in clubs and lounges around Southern California. From November, 1981 to March 1982 I sang at a small club called The Wine Bar, in Hakata, Japan, on the southern island of Kyushu.

After returning to Los Angeles in 1982, I moved from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado. I was married at Unity Church in Denver in 1983 to a man I'd been living with since 1978. It was at Unity that I began studying metaphysics and exploring natural healing.

In 1986 I became deeply involved in an event called "The World Instant of Cooperation" in Denver (World Healing Meditation, still celebrated each December 31), and in August, 1987, I helped promote then celebrated the Harmonic Convergence at La Baca Grande in Crestwood, Colorado.

Just before the end of 1986, I met Kay Snow-Davis of Global Family Education Center and Bobbi Brooks, a gifted natural healer, two of my most important teachers. Kay made her transition in May 2010. Her work and her spirit will never be forgotten. Bobbi is getting up in years and is still doing some healing work as she's able.

As I was growing spiritually, my marriage was falling apart and I was divorced late in 1987. It probably doesn't sound much like I'm an introvert and a loner, and that does describe me pretty well. I've shared my life and space with dogs and cats at various times; most recenlty I belong to an orange tabby cat (with white paws and belly and a white spot on her back) whose name is Maggie May.

How did you get into essences and natural healing?

When I was a teenager, my mom and I were regular readers of Prevention Magazine and we took vitamins and minerals by the handful (literally!). My family was never much into doctors, though aside from the many supplements, we didn't do much else. There's no long line of herbalists or healers in my background, though my mom had wanted to be a chiropractor when she was younger. Marriage and children took precedence and she spent many years working for a bank, eventually ending up in the computer center as a procedures analyst.

As my marriage was coming undone in 1987, I began discovering the Bach Flower Remedies, the Alaskan Essences, Flower Essence Services and Perelandra Essences. In the same year I completed First and Second Degree Reiki training and began attending the Chapel of Miracles in Boulder, Colorado. The Chapel was founded by Master Herbalist, Registered Nurse, Naturopath, and Reverend Hanna Kroeger. Hanna also founded Kroeger Herb Products and New Age Foods, one of the first health food stores in the country.

Although Hanna made her transition in 1998, her work lives on through her companies, Kroeger Herbs and Hanna's Herb Shop in Boulder, and the many people who studied her work and still use and teach it. Hanna's understanding of the Seven Physical and Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health have played a role in my work ever since.

Over the years I've taken classes in Hanna's work, of course, Zen Shiatsu, Resonance Balancing, Reiki, energy management, Soma Energetics (sound healing with tuning forks), and much more. My studies have merged together into a personal style I now call "BioSpiritual BodyTuning."

In the fall of 1991 I received the first guidance that I was to make essences, beginning with Hawk. I had read about making flower and gem essences by placing flowers and gems into water, but getting a Hawk into a bowl of water seemed out of the question, to say the least!

In January of 1992, I was given permission (and instructions) for making Hawk essence. By connecting directly with the source (the deva of Hawk) I avoided having to dunk the Hawk in water (much to its relief, I'm sure), while imprinting its life force into water by intention.

The majority of featherhawk essences have been made in this way. I call it the Attunement Method. It's been a fascinating journey!


Teaching is my passion

I love to share what I've learned about essences, energy work, and spiritual and intuitive healing, and I began teaching in 1993. Since then, I've developed several classes and workshops about making and using essences, pendulum dowsing, spiritual energy management, and more.

In 1995 I was certified to teach Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul by the author, Kay Snow-Davis. I also studied Kay's wonderful work, Wheel of Life Cycles: The Power of Love to Heal Your Life, and I teach workshops about this important information as well.

In the summer of 1999 I was ordained as a non-denominational protestant minister by Dr Willard Fuller of the Lively Stones Fellowship. That same summer I completed a Teacher Certification course at the Hanna Kroeger School of Natural Healing. In 2000, I was certified in Advanced Reiki Training and completed my Reiki Master training.


Do you offer personal consultations?

Yes! In my private practice, I work in partnership with my clients and the essences to provide spiritually guided intuitive counseling, sound healing using tuning forks, drumming, and toning, essential oils, and, of course, essence therapy.

A session may also include supplement recommendations, energy work, microbial balancing, and other areas of expertise. My commitment is to restore harmony and balance for individuals and the Earth, and teach people to help themselves and others. When we work together, we can discover the most appropriate tools to open the door to memories of innate perfection and everyone's important role in the Universe. For more details about personal sessions, please click here.


Where did "featherhawk" come from?

"featherhawk" is my Spirit Name. It was gifted to me in 1987 by a Hawk when I first lived in Niwot, Colorado. Every morning on my way to work I would see a lone hawk sitting on a tree branch off the road. I had been seeing hawks everywhere since moving from Denver to Niwot (near Boulder, Colorado), and I would always say "hello" when I drove by.

One morning after saying hello, I received the word "featherhawk" in return. I loved the sound of it, and wrote it down. It lived on the front of my refrigerator for several months until, one day, I realized it was my Spirit Name and has been over lifetimes.

I'm not Native American, and do not claim "featherhawk" to be my Medicine or Indian name. It was gifted to me by a Hawk, and I'm very grateful. When I founded my business in 1991, featherhawk seemed like the most perfect name to use.

I consider the Hawk to be my Sentinel, watching over me and the essences. It embodies, for me, the power and integrity of this work.

These days I live in New Albany, Indiana, just north of the Ohio River, across from Louisville, Kentucky.


Who created the Hawk logo?

The original pencil drawing of the Hawk came from the heart and artistic talent of Louise Sanchez of Boulder, Colorado.


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No animals are captured or harmed to make any featherhawk essence, there are no animal ingredients, and there is no animal testing.

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