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January 2016


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Our Sacred Water

This month the focus is on emotions and consciousness, as expressed through the essence of water. There are ten essences in the repertory made from water sources around the world, and each of them is on sale this month. Several are research essences from Tibet and Egypt. The others have been in the repertory for a long time.

I have a huge commitment to water on Earth. Only about 1% of all water on the planet is fresh water, suitable for human consumption (you can google this for confirmation). Yet we think it's OK to flush millions of gallons a day into fracking wells, allow waste from farming and ranching activities to pollute rivers and streams, and pour industrial waste into rivers, lakes, and oceans across the world because it costs too much to process it or dispose of it safely. I could rant on and on about this subject, but I'll spare you!

Water from the Bosnian Pyramids --- a special gift to you!

Just recently I watched a documentary called "Bosnian Pyramids Hidden History" filmed in Bosnia by Lee Pennington and Jill Baker of JoLe Productions. They live in Louisville, Kentucky (across the Ohio River from my home in New Albany, Indiana).

Lee gifted me with a bottle of water from the streams beneath the pyramids, and I'm passing the gift on to you. So for all of 2016, I'll be including a small bottle of this water with every order. It's not an essence, per se; it is an actual sample of water from the Pyramids. It includes a booklet with a bit more information and directions for use.

Some people have experienced healings from drinking the water, though there are no guarantees on that. And you can make more of it for yourself from the bottle you receive with your order.

How do you do that? Water remembers where it's been, what it's seen and heard, what has been poured into it. It can also transfer its memory to other water. So the water in the bottle you receive can be extended by placing one drop (yes that's right, just ONE DROP) into a gallon of water and let it sit overnight. The gallon will take on the frequency and quality of the Bosnian Pyramid water. One drop from the gallon can be added to another gallon, and so on.

If you'd like to learn more about the Bosnian Pyramids, you can purchase the documentary from the JoLe Productions website. Just click on Order on the menu there. (This isn't an affiliate link --- I just feel the film is important and want you to know where to find it.) The film tells the story of the five pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia, first discovered in 2005 by Dr. Semir Osmanagich (also known as Dr. Sam).

You can google "Bosnian Pyramids" to find out more about the discoveries of Dr. Sam. You'll find controversy, too --- check it out for yourself if you're curious, and reach your own conclusions.


The Original Set on Sale this month - save an extra 20% off the set price!

The Original Set is the first nine essences co-created while I was traveling in the U.S. in 1992. The first two, Hawk and Eagle, were made in Boulder, Colorado, where I lived at the time. Then I went on the road and made three in Indiana (Catalpa Tree Flower, Tick, Wild Marjoram), two in Utah (Raven and Deer), and two in California (Mint Flower and Hibiscus). They moved me, gently yet firmly, through much emotional turmoil and layers of old, stuck patterns. When they were completed, my perspective on life had shifted.

This is a great "starter" set if you are new to nature and flower essences, and it's a wonderful addition and complement to the essences you have, if you are new to essences. I encourage you to explore the set and empower yourself with it's gentle energies!


Essences on Sale until January 31, 2016 --- Save 25%!

Baptism   Water Initiation: Listen and Remember. Immerse yourself in your emotional and intuitive nature and discover collective wisdom flowing just beneath the surface of your conscious awareness. Listen carefully. Recognize your feelings as the core of your divinity. Take passionate action, trusting your intuition to guide you. Remember and acknowledge hidden, suppressed or unappreciated emotions. Design a personal water ceremony that speaks to your heart, bringing your past into your 'now', letting go of unnecessary baggage, and beginning anew. Perform this ceremony by yourself or with people you love, allowing the visible rite to reveal your invisible grace.

Brahmaputra River (Research - Tibetan Project Essences)   Trust in the flow; abundance and prosperity flowing to you from Source. Know the true source of all blessings, and be grateful. Allow support of all kinds to come to you with grace and ease.

Glacier   Surrender and let go. Glaciers are melting the world over to demonstrate the power of the Water element ñ emotion and consciousness ñ to change the face of life on Earth. Follow their lead and allow the glaciers within your own heart to melt, liberating frozen and blocked emotions. Allow the free flow of your feelings and emotions and become authentically empowered. Let go of judgment, fear and unhealthy attachments. Free yourself from the past and pay attention to synchronicities leading to transformation. All things are impermanent; it's not a catastrophe, it's just the cycle of life. Know that nothing is lost: people, plants and animals will adapt or return to Spirit in their natural rhythm of Life. This is a heart process; you cannot 'figure it out'. Await the knowing.

Lake Monasarova (Research - Tibetan Project Essences)   Gentle cleansing; strengthens emotional boundaries. Feel the freedom of movement into higher consciousness, held safe by the buoyancy of steady emotional support. Clear self-expression becomes the norm as others listen with an open mind and heart.

Lake Titicaca   Soul Connection to Sacred Water. Honor the sacred, life-giving waters that move within, through and around your Body, your Soul, and your Planet. Expand into higher consciousness through emotional truth and authentic self-expression. Be true to your inner sense of what is being asked of you. Beneath the water of consciousness is a treasure of great value ready to awaken; prepare to dive deep.

Nile River (Research - Egypt Essences)   Raw, vital energy; merging fire (creativity, fertility, sexuality) and water (consciousness and emotions). Feeds and nourishes the ground of your being, physically and spiritually. Aids in the movement of energy through the Chakras, from Crown to Root and ever-deeper within (Descension), and from Root to Crown and beyond (Ascension). We must be fully Descended into form for Ascension to be successful.

Pacific Ocean   Enormity of emotions. Access to tranquility and peacefulness in the face of overwhelming feelings. Permission to cry.

River   Always new, always in motion. For moving safely through emotions that may feel out of control. As the River flows freely past the banks leaving them behind, so you must be willing to release unhealthy attachments. Explore and embrace sorrow, power and perseverance and honor their role in your life.

Salt Spring   Listen to Your Emotions. Your tears are a sign of divine presence, cleansing the Soul and freeing the emotions. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Allow tears to flow and observe the emotions that arise. Acknowledge them with compassion, explore their source in this or other lifetimes, and listen for their message. Receive their insights with all of your heart, transforming and regenerating your emotional foundation.

Water of Machu Picchu   Strength, Stability and the Path of Least Resistance. Plan carefully for simplicity and sustainability. Become a strong and stable channel for your life purpose. Acknowledge and trust your feelings and allow them to flow with grace. Remain true to your passion, guidance and inner vision, and be, always, in service to the common good. Follow your heart and your path will be revealed.


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