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Relax and renew yourself and your environment with the comforting fragrance and healing essences of featherhawk Aura Sprays. These specially formulated blends of essences and 100% pure essential oils restore balance, relieve daily stress, and refresh and rejuvenate your Home, Work and Play space!

4 oz spray bottles are just $15.99 each. The Aura Sprays are now available in convenient 1 oz size spray bottles for just $5.99 each. Click on the individual links below to purchase!

Use these wonderful sprays to...

  • Clear stagnant and imbalanced energies from your energy field
  • Refresh and cleanse your environment - bedroom, living room, office
  • Restore calm and order to your busy life
  • Balance and harmonize your surroundings (great for space clearing and Feng Shui work)
  • According to many customers, Heaven on Earth is especially effective when used to calm our canine friends - try it today!

Download a pdf with the complete descriptions of the Aura Sprays here.

Scroll down to see individual descriptions and ingredients, or click on the links below:

Center & Integrate
Clarity & Focus
Cleanse & Purify
Heaven on Earth
Spirit Shield

Keep your home, business or office in a state of energetic balance, your consulting or therapy room clear, your child's room fresh, and yourself grounded and centered. Follow your own inspiration and use wherever you are guided.

Spray 3 or 4 spritzes in a room, above and around your body (letting the droplets fall through your energy field), spray your heart or other chakra centers, and, for extra grounding, spray the bottoms of your feet (with or without shoes). Safe for animals (except cats*) and children, too. Avoid spraying directly in your eyes. For external use only.

*Cats and essential oils: It is safe to use the sprays in a home with cats, even to spritz a bit around their sleeping or living areas. You just want to avoid spraying the cats directly because they can be sensitive to the essential oils.

I'm erring on the side of caution with this warning, since there are just a few drops of oils in the sprays - enough to carry the lovely scents, but not a lot of total drops in the bottle. I have two cats myself and I use the sprays even when they're in the room with me, but I don't spray it on them or directly at them.

The featherhawk Aura Sprays

Center & Integrate Click here to purchase now!

For gathering scattered thoughts and feelings, transforming stagnant or discordant energies, and integrating experiences in present time. Aids grounding and restores balance.

Includes the following featherhawk essences: Turkey Vulture, Infinity Horizontal and Black Tourmaline, plus 100% pure Frankincense and Canadian Red Cedar essential oils in a base of pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol.

Clarity & Focus Click here to purchase now!

For concentration and contemplation, for keeping your mind on the task at hand. Excellent for meditation, study and research, business meetings, family gatherings... any place or situation in which you want to be fully present and paying attention.

Includes the following featherhawk essences: Hawk, Eagle, Crow, Octahedron, Gypsum, and Malachite, plus 100% pure Atlas Cedar essential oil in a base of pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol.

Cleanse & Purify Click here to purchase now!

For cleansing yourself and your environment of stagnant energies. Recall your passion, see life through innocent eyes, and remember the wonder of the child's heart. Aids the release of emotional hooks and strengthens your physical and emotional foundation.

Includes the following featherhawk essences: Firefly, Pyramid, Sacred Heart, and Rhodochrosite, plus 100% pure Rose essential oil in a base of pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol.

Heaven on Earth Click here to purchase now!

For embracing Heaven on Earth NOW. Honor your soul's purpose and inner guidance, allow movement and transformation to occur through the breath of love, integrity, and joy.

Includes the following featherhawk essences: Mary, Hawk, Dolphin, and Dodecahedron, plus 100% pure Brazilian Rosewood essential oil in a base of pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol.

Spirit Shield Click here to purchase now!

For healing the loss of innocence, maintaining innocent perception, and remaining free of judgment. Strengthens and sustains personal boundaries. Holds and grounds Light in the physical body.

Includes the following featherhawk essences: Sacred Tears, Gypsum, Green Tourmaline, Vortex, Firefly, Jaguar, and Queen Anne's Lace, plus 100% pure Brazilian Rosewood and Grapefruit essential oils in a base of pure water stabilized with vodka alcohol.


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No animals are captured or harmed to make any featherhawk essence, there are no animal ingredients, and there is no animal testing.

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