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The Essential SoulutionsTM are made by combining several featherhawk essences into one formula, each created with a particular intention and purpose. Named for their area of primary effectiveness, they are easy to choose and use. To go straight to these special blends, click here.

Download a pdf of the complete descriptions of the Essential SoulutionsTM here.

If you'd like a little background, read on. I was inspired to begin creating these by two seemingly unrelated events back in the mid 1990's (ancient history, I know). One was a phone conversation with a friend in Boulder, Colorado. We were talking about a solution to a problem, and I wrote down, "soulution," without even thinking. When I glanced back at it, I chided myself for not knowing how to spell. Then I looked again. "Soulution. I like it!"

Not too long after that I attended a concert in Louisville, KY. (Louisville is just south of New Albany, Indiana, across the Ohio River.) Tim and Molly O'Brien were the headliners. I don't actually remember now what inspired me to think of "Essential Soulutions" as a category for the essences, but there I was in the balcony, thinking it was strange that the program didn't even mention that Mollie O'Brien was one of the original Motherfolkers (the most carefully pronounced name in show business!). The Motherfolkers is a group of several women who got together way back when to make music together. I heard them in concert one summer when I lived in Boulder, and if you ever have a chance to listen to their music, you might just love it.

So, as I said, I'm not sure how 'Essential Soulutions' came together, but I went home from that concert with the words scribbled on a piece of paper and began making these blends not too long after that.

If the history lesson wasn't enough, here's a language lesson to go with it...

Let's begin this exploration of Essential Soulutions (TM) with three definitions from the dictionary (and one from featherhawk) that describes these wonderful formulas in basic terms:

adj. indispensable*

n. 1. a liquid in which something is dissolved. 2. solving a problem*

n. the spiritual or immortal element in a person*

essential soulution
n. an indispensable liquid solution that helps resolve issues at the deepest soul levels**

* Oxford American Dictionary definition    ** featherhawk definition

You have probably heard the saying, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts," and this is particularly true when working with these special blends. The Essential SoulutionsTM address many everyday issues such as stress and trauma, raging hormones, courage, self esteem, change and transition, and so much more.

Click on the essences below for more information. Every description includes definitions of the individual essences in that combination. Sometimes you will be drawn to a formula because the name or description speaks to you. Other times the name or primary definition may not be quite on the mark, but the individual essences will be the perfect support for your current process or dilemma. Trust yourself to be guided to the perfect Soulution!

Take just 4 drops, 4 times a day. You will appreciate their ease of use and effectiveness!

There are 16 Essential SoulutionsTM formulas. Click on the name for a complete description of each formula and to make your purchase.




Children's Hope





In the Silence


Raging Hormones


Self Esteem



Woman's Wisdom

And for your animal friends, check out Animal Emergency Soulution: the emergency and stress remedy specially formulated to serve the Animal Kingdom.


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