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January 2016

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In this edition...
F.E.A.R. --- False Evidence Appearing Real
Essences on Sale

Welcome to 2016! I'm excited to be at the start of another new year, a clean slate, an opening to new possibilities. I hope you share my enthusiasm for this new beginning --- so much has changed in recent years, some for the good, some not so good. By establishing a base of honor and wonder, we can, indeed, create a world that works for everyone.

I know, my Pollyanna nature is shining through, and I'm sticking with it!

Have a great year!

in peace,


January News

Last month I introduced you to the work of Kay Snow-Davis, a book called Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul --- ways to find your natural rhythm using the Tree analogy of Root, Trunk, Branch, and Leaf. We'll delve deeper into POP next month.

Also, after maintaining steady prices for several years, there will be some increases starting in April. I'll keep you posted on this before the higher prices begin, so you can stock up on your favorites before then!

F.E.A.R. --- False Evidence Appearing Real

The first time I saw this phrase I was in a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California. I think it was in the early 1990's, but I don't remember exactly. I was looking at greeting cards, and there it was: False Evidence Appearing Real.

My life was disjointed at the time --- I didn't know who I was or what I was supposed to be doing, and fear was a regular visitor. So seeing those words struck me very deeply.

It's hard to believe the things you fear are not real. They seem real, certainly. And if they're not real, doesn't that mean something is wrong with you? Like you're making up things to be afraid of?

In fact, we've spent decades practicing fear. If you believe that you create your reality out of your words and thoughts, and if you express fear about everyday and extraordinary events, you are maintaining the energy of fear around yourself. Like attracts like, and fear attracts things to be afraid of. The only way to change the pattern is to alter the thoughts and ideas behind the pattern.

The best suggestion I know is to begin practicing peace --- peaceful thoughts and actions, quiet contemplation and meditation, imagining the good in the people around you rather than the bad. It's easy to fall under the influence of the media that only shows the worst of humanity and repeats it over and over as if it's the only truth. It is not.

Humans are basically good, kind and helpful. People all around the world want what's best for their friends and families. They want to feel safe and secure, take care of their homes, have satisfying work. They want to love and be loved. Each of us can "practice peace" in our own lives every day and allow our feelings and experiences to radiate out to others, spreading our inner peace and paying it forward. Today would be a good day to begin!

Essences for FEAR

Essences are a wonderful counter to fear. They restore courage and hope, relax perpetual tensions throughout your body, and provide information for your busy mind that connects dots and helps you let go of helplessness and hopelessness.

Below is a list of some of the essences that support you to move through fear into courage. There are a lot of them (over 20), and this is the short list! Feel free to check out the rest of the repertory (using your dowsing or muscle testing skills, or your intuition), to discover the perfect essence(s) for you.

Fear is not the same for everyone, so there may be just one or two of these that speak to you, personally. If you don't see anything here that looks or feels right to you, contact me and I'll help you find an answer.

The descriptions included below are short ones - to read more about each essence, click on the names.

Aspen   When you experience fear for no apparent reason, or find yourself quaking with anxiety or apprehension.

Cherry Plum   When you're afraid of losing control of your emotions and causing harm to yourself or others.

Children's Hope Soulution   Recapture the spontaneous joy and trust of childhood. Become grounded and shed old patterns.

Classic Five Emergency Remedy   Recover rapidly from shock, pain, fear or trauma.

Courage Soulution   Transform the energy of fear into freedom, curiosity, excitement, and adventure.

Jewelweed   Transform fear and indecision into action, initiating movement and expansion.

Lizard   Ask for guidance from your dreams and trust the information you receive.

Mimulus   You may be afraid of things, people or places that are familiar to you, or easily intimidated by people or situations.

Peony   An essence of healing and protection.

Pink Yarrow   Establish firm emotional boundaries.

Porcupine   Know that protection is instantly available to you. Celebrate your vulnerability and innocence as a gift from Spirit. It is safe to let your guard down.

Rabbit   Transform the fears you create that escalate based on imagined outcomes.

Resurrection   Brings the gift of Faith.

Rock Rose   Find your inner peace and courage; reach beyond your fear knowing you can do what needs to be done, including helping others in distress.

Skunk   Respect, self-esteem, fearlessness, and peacefulness; increases adaptability.

Spirit Shield Aura Spray   For healing the loss of innocence, maintaining innocent perception, and remaining free of judgment. Offers psychic protection, clearing stuck or discordant energies, negative thought forms, and old beliefs, restoring harmony.

Star of Bethlehem   Supports the body to let go of shock, helping to gain insight and allowing the trauma to become a catalyst for transformation.

Transition Soulution   Firm footing on a constantly changing foundation.

Trauma Soulution   Reduce and release physical and emotional trauma, and daily stress.

Waiting Heart   Allows your mind time and space to acknowledge, then release, fear and other related emotions that may be holding you back.

White Clover   A sweet, gentle energy of purity, cleansing and protection. Reconnect with the Child within and explore your life's dreams, knowing it is safe to do this now.

White Yarrow   Deflects negativity, psychic abuse and environmental stress by repairing and enhancing your auric energy field.

Wren   Boldness, fearlessness; feisty self-expression. Live life to the fullest and don't be afraid to attempt the impossible.

Yarrow Blend   Strengthens and maintains the integrity of your auric energy field.

Yellow Yarrow   Restores strength and perseverance when feeling challenged or influenced by others.

Essences on sale until January 31, 2016

The Original Set   A wonderful "starter" set, and a great addition to your essence collection. (The set includes Hawk, Eagle, Catalpa Tree Flower, Tick, Wild Marjoram, Raven, Deer, Mint Flower, and Hibiscus.)

Baptism   Water Initiation: Listen and Remember

Brahmaputra River   (Research) Trust in the flow of abundance and prosperity

Glacier   Surrender and let go

Lake Monasarova   (Research) Gentle cleansing; strengthens emotional boundaries

Lake Titicaca   Soul Connection to Sacred Water

Nile River   (Research) Raw, vital energy; merging fire and water

Pacific Ocean   Enormity of emotions; permission to cry

River   Let go and flow freely; sorrow, power & perseverance

Salt Spring   Listen to Your Emotions

Water of Machu Picchu   Strength, Stability and the Path of Least Resistance


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