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featherhawk essences Complete Alphabetical Listing

There is a whole slew of new and unexplored essences on the Research Essences page, so if you're looking for something in particular and it isn't listed below, it may be on the research page, here.

If you don't find what you're looking for, contact Nanci to make a suggestion or see if she can help you.

You can be included in the research, too! Contact me by email: nanci at featherhawk dot com or give me a call at 877.226.7858 or 502.435.6445. Thanks!




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by Category
A Amazonite Apophylite
A# Amethyst Aquamarine
Abandonment Anasazi Arrowhead
Abundance Soulution Angelic Carekeeper Aspen
Acorn Angelica Attunement Soulution
Agrimony Animal Emergency Soulution Autumnal Equinox
Alpha~Omega Ant Azurite
Aluminum Apatite  
B Beech Blue Calcite
Baptism Birthright Soulution Blue Jay
Battle Black Tourmaline Boundaries
Becoming Black-eyed Susan Broccoli
Bear Bloodroot Butterfly

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C Chickadee Comfrey
C# Chicory Computer Soulution
Cahuachi Children's Hope Soulution Condor
Calendula Chrysalis Continuum
Canada Goose Chrysocolla Copper
Cardinal Circle Corn
Catalpa Tree Flower Citrine Corn Silk
Cathedral of Trees Clarity & Focus Cosmos
Cedar Classic Five Courage Soulution
Celery Classic Flowers Complete Set Coyote
Centaury Clay Crab Apple
Center & Integrate Cleanse & Purify Creativity & Ego Set
Cerato Clear Quartz Cricket
Chakra Stone Set Clematis Crow
Chartres Labyrinth Cleome Cube
Cherry Plum Cloudbows Cucumber
Chestnut Bud Colorado Blue Spruce Cucumber Magnolia

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D Diamond Dogwood
D# Dill Dolphin
Daffodil Dioptase Doorway
Dandelion Dittany of Crete Double Infinity
Dawn Redwood DNA Matrix Double Rainbow
Deer Dodecahedron Dove
Deer, Malachite & Yucca
Now called Realignment Soulution
Dog Dragonfly
E Elm Essential Harmonics Set
Eagle Environmental Soulution Eucalyptus
Eclipse Essences for Animals Set Eye of the Storm
Egret essences of light TM Set

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F Firefly Fossil Fern
F# Flea Fragrance of the Soul
Fairy Stone Fluorite Full Moon
Fibonacci Follow Your Dreams Full Spectrum * Divine Feminine * Mary Magdalene
Finch Fossil Bone Full Spectrum * Divine Masculine * Jesus
G Gold Green Tourmaline
G# Golden Mean Harmonic Grieving Soulution
Garlic Chives Golden Solar Disk Ground Ivy
Gentian Gorse Guinea Pig
Glacier Grackle Gypsum

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Harmonic Balancer Heaven on Earth Honeysuckle
Hawk Hematite Hornbeam
Healing Cross Herkimer Diamond Horse
The Heart Collection Hibiscus Horse Chestnut
Heather Holly House Cat
Ica Stones In the Beginning... Infinity Horizontal
Icosahedron In the Silence Soulution Infinity Vertical
Impatiens Indian Summer Ironweed

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 J - K
Jaguar Johnson Grass Kestrel
Jewelweed Junco Killdeer
Labyrinth Lavender Lobelia
Lake Titicaca Light Serum Locust Seed
Lapis Lazuli Lilac Love/Heart
Larch Lizard Luminous Egg

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Magnolia Mimosa Moonstone
Malachite Mimulus Moontime Soulution
Manatee Mint Flower Mouse
Mary Mockingbird Mustard
Milkweed Pod Monument to Humanity
 N - O
Nature's Balancer's Set Oak Opossum
Niagara Falls Obsidian Oriental Spruce
Nicotiana Octahedron The Original Set
Nodding Foxtail Olive Owl
Nazca Lines Opal Matrix & Silver  

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 P - Q
Pachacamac Petoskey Stone Polar Bear
Pacific Ocean Pine Pomegranate
Paulownia Pink Tourmaline Porcupine
Pele Pink Yarrow Purple Tulip
Peony Point of Power Pyramid
Perseid Poke Queen Anne's Lace
Peru Essences    
Rabbit Red Yarrow Rock Water
Raging Hormones Soulution Redwood Rose 'Blue Girl'
Rain &Lightning Resurrection Rose 'Iceberg'
Raven Rhodochrosite Rose Mallow
Realignment Soulution Rhododendron Rose Quartz
Red Chestnut River Rose Ray
Red Clover Robin Ruby
Red Coral Rock Rose Research Essences

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The Sacred Geometry Series Set Seashell 2 Spiral
Sacred Heart Self Esteem Soulution Spirit Shield
Sacred Tears Serpent of Light Spring Equinox
Saguaro Silver Squirrel
Salvia Skunk Star of Bethlehem
Salt Mine Smoky Quartz Star Tetrahedron
Salt Spring Snake Starling
San Pedro Cactus Snow Leopard Stone Canyon
Sanctuary of Machu Picchu Song of the Earth Stone Soup
Saqsayhuaman - Moon Southern Cross Summer Solstice
Saqsayhuaman - Sun Sparrow Sun (Sol Renasci
Saturn Sphere Sweet Chestnut
Scleranthus Spider Sweetgrass
Seagull Spider Web
Seashell 1    

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Temple of the Sun Tomato Trauma Soulution
Tetrahedron Touchstone Trumpet Vine
Tibetan Turquoise Transition Soulution Turkey Vulture

Vervain Violet Vitex
Vine Vision  

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The Waiting Heart White Lotus Wild Tobacco Seed
Walnut White Rose of Sharon Willow
Water of Machu Picchu White Sage Wind
Water Violet White Tiger Winter Solstice
Weeds & Seeds Set White Yarrow Winter Solstice 2000
Whale Wild Marjoram Wolf
White Buffalo Wild Oat Woman's Wisdom Soulution
White Chestnut Wild Rose Woodpecker
White Clover Wren
 Y - Z
Yarrow Blend Yellow Yarrow Yucca
Yellow Poplar Yoshino Cherry Zucchini
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